Local leaders share their professional and personal goals for 2019

Kavita Tankha, Los Altos Hills City Council member

• Professional goal: I would like for us to build community in our town and find ways by which residents can meet and connect with each other. We are fortunate in that we have large parcels and our residents enjoy a great quality of life in the heart of Silicon Valley, but big lots also make it relatively harder for residents to meet each other, especially in an era of gates and fences. During the course of my campaign for city council, I had the opportunity to meet folks I would never have met otherwise. I would love for our residents to have the same experience. I would therefore like to work with our town committees to find innovative ways of connecting residents with each other and build community-based programs to serve our youth and seniors.

• Personal goal: To improve my game of golf.

George Tyson, Los Altos Hills City Council member

• Professional goal: As a newly elected council member, my main initial goal is to learn everything about how the town works and to always be prepared to listen, ask questions and make decisions that yield the most benefit. It helps that I already know the other council members and have great confidence that we’re a team that will work well together.

• Personal goal: I hope that my next vintage of homemade wine will be the best one ever, and that I can do better than fourth place for my age group in next year’s Pathways 10K run!

Jeff Harding, Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District superintendent

• Professional goal: The year 2019 will be one of professional growth for me and for our schools. My goal is to expand collaboration with other community agencies and neighboring school districts to improve services to our most underprivileged students. I want to enhance our focused attention on students who suffer from poverty but live in our community. With help from the MVLA Foundation, the YMCA, the Community Health Awareness Council, Mentor Tutor Connection, MVLA Scholars, the Advancement Via Individual Determination program and other agencies, our neediest students will get even more support to thrive.

• Personal goal: My personal New Year’s resolutions are intended to bring more balance to my life through daily healthy habits. Deepen my yoga and meditation practice. Eat more greens and less meat. Take more time for reflection. Avoid reading the comment section in other local newspapers. In short, find antidotes to our modern, amped-up culture, and treat everyone with kindness and compassion.

Anita Enander, Los Altos City Council member

• Professional goals: Fight (a word I choose reluctantly but after great deliberation) to retain local control over our tax revenue and land-use planning and against having both usurped by the CASA Housing Compact and related state legislation.

Uphold the promises made during the campaign to put residents’ interests first in decision making.

Do my part to achieve the priorities set through the collaborative process with my colleagues on Jan. 19.

I hesitated to use the word “fight” in my first resolution. But the CASA Housing Compact is the greatest threat to local government (as a democratic institution) and to our residents’ quality of life that I have seen in 40 years as a resident of Los Altos. This issue deserves your diligent research and intelligent presentation to educate our community.

Neysa Fligor, Los Altos City Council member

• Professional goal: As a council member, my goal is to have at least one project that falls within one of my priorities as a candidate completed in 2019 – make traffic safety and improvements throughout the city, improve/maintain city infrastructure, move forward with certain portions of the Downtown Vision plan that align with the charm and character of Los Altos and champion the different neighborhoods and business districts.

• Personal goal: My personal New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more and eat healthier! I know these are cliché resolutions, but I need to do these things more consistently. I also plan to start playing tennis again. My husband and I used to play multiple times per week, so my goal for 2019 is a couple of times per month.

Lisa Matichak, incoming mayor of Mountain View

• Professional goal: I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I do have hopes for 2019. My biggest hope is that the Mountain View community can work together with a positive, cooperative tone to address issues facing not only the city, but the entire Bay Area. I will invite my colleagues on the city council to join me to begin to address the quality-of-life issues that residents want addressed. For example, many residents want us to preserve the character of the city, especially along Castro Street, they want us to address public health and safety issues resulting from vehicles used as primary living spaces, and they want us to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, to name a few.

• Personal goal: On a personal note, I hope my family and friends are blessed in 2019. And I hope my 91-year-old mother can enjoy 2019. For me, I resolve to do well by the residents who voted for me and have a positive impact on the city of Mountain View. I plan to learn new things, meet new people and find time to get out into nature to renew my energy! And I wish for a 2019 filled with happiness for all.

Wanny Hersey, Bullis Charter School superintendent

• Professional goal: My professional goal is to find more ways for our students and staff members to be positive global contributors. Whether through enhancing their personalized learning pathways, aligning more of our project-based learning units to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or providing additional innovative opportunities to apply their 21st-century skills in meaningful global contexts, I want to ensure that staff and students alike are empowered to make a significant, positive impact at Bullis Charter School and beyond.

• Personal goal: To find more time to spend with my family, locally and internationally.

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