Letters to the Editor: 10th site choice

Choice still not right for 10th site

What a shame that it has taken over half a year for the LASD finally to be realistic in selecting land for its 10th school north of ECR. They knew that trying to secure the Old Mill/Safeway site would entail eminent domain and probable lawsuits but went ahead anyway. 

I question why the LASD is choosing the Kohl’s property when there is a more desirable and safer location across Showers Drive at the Target property – one of the four sites originally considered. It is an acre larger; has good access into the property; has one owner in the Pear family; should provide ample parking for the school and parkland for this underserved area; and sits next to housing, not in a large, busy shopping center. 

A Piece of My Mind: Let's have fun

I’m sitting on the balcony of our hotel room overlooking the beach. It is a beautiful day, warm enough to tempt children and teenagers into the water without wetsuits, and the beach is dotted with colorful umbrellas and sun tents and beach towels and beach toys and sand-castles in the making. Up near the steps leading down to the beach is a small playground, with a twisty slide and two sets of swings, six swings in each set, all occupied by kids and pre-teens industriously pumping back and forth.

But I notice something odd. Here we are at the beach with yards of soft sand in front of each swing, but no one is bailing into the sand at the peak of their swing, landing on their knees laughing after flying through the air for a magical few seconds. I watch and wait for the first adventurous child to go sailing through the air, but it doesn’t happen. It seems no one knows how. It seems that jumping out of a swing has never occurred to them.

Editor's Notebook: It's the economy, stupid

You’ve probably already noticed – I sure have. A trip to Davis from Mountain View and Los Altos used to take under two hours. Our last few times up there, it took four. We are now LA North.

I remember a stat a few years back from a retired Santa Clara County planner: an estimated 300,000 additional people moving into the north of the county (from Palo Alto to San Jose) over the next 15 years. The reason? Job growth, of course. Obviously, Silicon Valley is a highly desirable place to live. But there’s a domino effect – clogged freeways, lack of available housing and lack of employees filling non-high-tech positions such as teacher, waitress and retail worker because of the lack of affordable housing.

Letters to the Editor: LAH roads, parks initiative

LAH should solve roads problem

Los Altos Hills has notoriously underspent on road maintenance over the last 40 years, giving itself a C+, all the while using the excuse that many of the roads in town were never “accepted” by the town and therefore the responsibility of the residents on those roads to maintain, including sending them threatening letters.

Yet, the town has been taxing those same residents for the past 40 years, lost records, changed the rules and now demands that those residents “prove to the town” that the roads are public or pay for the repairs themselves.

Editorial: Site switch was a surprise, but a good one

It took many by surprise, but the Los Altos School District’s recent decision to change targeted sites in Mountain View’s San Antonio neighborhood for a 10th school seems like a good one.

The new site, where the Kohl’s department store is located, is larger and has a property owner far more willing to negotiate than the owners of the initially targeted parcel – the site of the Old Mill/Safeway property at California Street and San Antonio Road.

No Shoes, Please: Suffer the little children

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has implemented a policy that separates children from their parents at the border. This occurs even when families apply for asylum, a legal option for foreigners to enter this country. According to the Department of Homeland Security, an average of 67 children are being separated from their parents per day, and nearly 12,000 are currently in custody, an anticipated 20,000 by August.

Letters to the Editor: Week of June 20

LA city code regulates height, not stories

The Town Crier article about the Sorensens’ building plan contains several inaccuracies (“Sorensens’ 3-story building plan returns to Planning Commission,” June 6).

For one, the file photo shown does not represent the revised proposal that went to the Planning Commission June 7.

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